Welcome to E.R.S Hospital

The hospital has all the specialities attached and providing the best surgical facilities for the patients. It is located in the Prime Locality at Karur near Mini Bus stand, Opposite to Thinnapa theatre.

It is one of the famous hospitals in karur available 24×7 for all obstetrics, cardiac and pediatric emergencies.

The hospital is NABH(EC) Accredited the certificate no(PESHCO.2017-0055) and maintaining the standard with qualified nurses. Gynaecology team is supposed to be best in doing LAVH(Laproscopic Assisted Vaginal Hysterectomy).

Our hospital is doing excellent service under CMCHISTN(Cheif Minister Scheme of TamilNadu) and various Insurance Schemes

Cardiac Emergencies & Obstetrics Emergencies

These procedures are handled with ease and experience. Paediatric, Obstetrics and Gynaecology services are well equipped in par with corporate hospitals.

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